How to Play

The game

In this game you take the role as a young girl whose task it is to seek the most inner chamber of “the Cave of no Return”. Her cause is clouded by mystery, but yet you are there to help her.


At the main menu

When starting the game for the first time, it might be a good idea to change your name (which by default is “Player”). Your name will appear on the local and world wide high score list, should you achieve a good enough result.

To enter a new name, move to the name option and press enter once. The previous name will disappear, and you will be able to enter a new name. Once satisfied with your new name, press enter again and you are done.

The other two options are to start the game, or watch the high scores. If you feel that running little girl’s errands is not your cup of tea, you can press Esc to quit, but that’d be a pity.

If you want to increase or decrease the size of the game window, use + or – (this can be done during gameplay as well).

In game maneuvering

The girl will run automatically from left to right, but as obstacles appear in the cave you need to dodge them.

To jump, press the up arrow on your keyboard.

To slide, press the down arrow. (this move, apart from ducking away from dangers, will provide a small speed boost)

To retry from the beginning, press the left arrow. (can also be done from the high score screen)

To exit to the title menu (or exit the game if you are already there), press Esc

High scores

The high score list can be viewed manually from the title screen, but will also appear after the game is over. If you fail inside the cave, press left to be taken to the high scores, and press left again to retry from the beginning.

The high score list is divided into two parts. On the left side you can view your local results. Here, you only compete with yourself or anyone that has played the game on your computer. On the right are the online results. Here you will compete with anyone that has dowloaded the game. Reaching a high position on the world high score list is surely a feat of strength, and the competition will be hard!

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