The Project

A seed of motivation

The initial spark that set the creation of Cave of no Return in motion, was my desire to actually finish something game related. Cave of no Return is not my first project, not by far, but it is the first one that I have deemed complete enough to share with other people. My strategy was to peel away any concept epic enough to force me into a dead end – such concepts, while perfectly able to aid in the creation of interesting games, have proven time and time again to be daunting enough to cause me to give up halfway through a project.

Any thought in the lines of “what would happen if I create a platformer which is a combination of Mega man, Castlevania and Diablo 2″ (all personal favourites) had to be quenched, supressed and at least temporarily put on hold in the favor of more realistic tasks. While I know that it is perfectly possible for single developers to create fantastic games (Cave story being a great example), I had to respect my own limitations.

What I had to realize, was that I didn’t have to produce anything spectacular at once – creating something that is “ok” is certainly better than never creating anything at all. True or not, this was what caused me to finish Cave of no Return. The epic titles had to bide their time.

Going half the way?

After reading this far (have a cookie if you did), perhaps you are asking yourself why this developer/guy/basement dweller is attempting to palm a less than epic product off on an online audience – has he no shame? The question is motivated, but the answer is nevertheless simple. Cave of no Return is sort of a practice project. The purpose of it is not to topple top of the line games off the charts (which shows that I have at least some grip on reality). No, the purpose is to bring a project “all the way”, and by giving away the game for free I hope for some forgiveness for any shortcomings.

I will keep this short, and end with thanking anyone who downloads and plays Cave of no Return. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments related to the game. I greatly appreciate any feedback and criticism.

Game on!

/Anders Andersson

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